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Breathing Space Checklist

The regulations are designed to ensure that people in problem debt have the right to legal protection from creditor action for a defined period.

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Breathing Space Whitepaper

Everything you need to know about the Debt Respite Scheme, launched May 2021 in England and Wales and how it will affect your business.

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Ofgem's Energy Price Cap 2021

Deeper industry insights on the unprecedented changes for consumers across the UK.

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British Gas

British Gas deployed an award-winning customer communication solution to improve customer support and maintain easier conversations with their customers around energy bills.

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SSE was already experienced in gathering CSAT and NPS information using automation, but needed a solution that provided them with more flexibility and a fully scalable solution that could grow with them.

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As one of the leading energy suppliers in the UK, E.ON was looking to enhance its digital communication capabilities to allow for more personalisation and efficiency when collecting payments.

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