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Customer Success Stories

We look at changes in regulations, industry trends and share free guides for you to use.

British Gas

British Gas Customer Stories

British Gas deployed an award-winning customer communication solution to improve customer support helping them to have open and maintain easier conversations with their customers around energy bills.

Anglian Water

Anglian Water Case Study

Anglian Water partnered with
Revive Management to enhance their Billing and  Collections process which resulted in a 90% increase in Self Service Payments and an 18% Reduction in Right Party Contact costs.


E.ON Customer Stories

As one of the leading energy suppliers in the UK, E.ON was looking to enhance its digital communication capabilities to allow for more personalisation and efficiency when collecting payments

The AA

The AA is the UK’s largest motoring organisation and the country’s leading  provider of breakdown cover.


SSE Customer Stories

SSE was already experienced in gathering CSAT and NPS information using automation, but needed a solution that provided them with more flexibility and a fully scalable solution that could grow with them.

Peninsula Group

Revive’s collections solution helped Peninsula Group collect £20,000 worth of outstanding payments in the first month of implementation

Whitepapers & Reports

We look at changes in regulations, industry trends and share free guides for you to use.

Ofgem’s Energy Price Cap 2021

Deeper industry insights on the unprecedented changes for consumers across the UK that took effect in October 2021.


Breathing Space Checklist

Breathing Space Checklist
The regulations, introduced in May 2021, to help protect those who vulnerable and those in problem debt.

Energy Price Cap increase

As of October 1st, 2021, Ofgem, the government’s regulator for electricity and gas, increased the energy price cap by 12%

Breathing Space

Breathing Space Whitepaper

Everything you need to know about the Debt Respite Scheme, launched May 2021 in England and Wales

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