Our Cookie Policy

A cookie is a small text file stored on your computer that is used to remember certain information. This might include advertising, website analysis, and most commonly login systems and shopping baskets. These cookies are not used to store any personal information, and in most cases are used for functionality of our website. Due to compliance with recent legislation, we now need to share the details of the cookies used on this website.

They are:


We use analytics software to track visits to the website. A cookie is used so we know if this is a new visit, or a returning visit.


Certain pages of our website have additional heat map tracking for measuring clicks on the page. This is used to help us improve the usability of our site.


Our site uses WordPress, and this has its own cookies used for a login system. They also help to keep the site secure.


Some of our pages require you to login to see all the information. This system uses a cookie to keep the user logged in.

No advertising cookies are used on this site, and none of the cookies used store any personal information. If you wish to disable cookies in your browser, then you can visit the following page and find your current browser version and follow the instructions below:

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