International Women’s Day

Every year International Women’s Day (IWD) is commended on March 8, with the first gathering held in 1911 and saw millions of people march and rally to campaign for women’s rights.

Ladies’ equality has made positive gains however the world is inconsistent. Worldwide Women’s Day praises the social, political and financial accomplishments of ladies while concentrating on regions requiring further activity – this year at Revive we want to celebrate the Woman in our team.  

The pandemic has affected everybody all over the planet, there’s proof to propose ladies have endured impressively more than men but we’re proud here at Revive to have doubled the number of woman in the team since the pandemic began.  

The tech world has a long way to go before its equivalent. Right now Revive has a 50% split between men and women, with ladies taking up a badge of positions from C-Level through to Junior roles. The topics featured on International Women’s Day are a potential chance to think about why orientation fairness in tech is so challenging to accomplish. Furthermore, how the current global imbalance is being supported? 

At Revive Today to celebrate the Woman with the Team so without further a do lets chat to them …  

Woman in Tech Leadership  

First we have Margo our Chief Revenue Officer – Margo has over 21 years experience across both FTSE listed and private businesses! 

And then we have our Chief Operations Officer Conchi Bringing 30 years’ experience delivering software solutions, Conchi’s strong leadership and enthusiasm has seen Revive’s Projects, Solutions & Development teams to flourish 

Woman in Technology & Support Team  

Customer success and delivery is at the heart of Revive and we have a strong team of woman behind this so lets meet them… 

Lydia  is the dynamo of the technical delivery team, with 17 years of experience in software delivery and customer satisfaction, her day to day includes building strong team relations, processes and breaking down workload into deliverables, enabling the team to deliver quality in an incredible fast paced environment. 

Clare has had a significant role in contributing to the solutions provided by Revive Management since joining over four years ago. She can think outside of the box in problem solving and previously worked as lead developer for the tech team. Clare can soak up knowledge easily which has had led to the team giving her the nickname of ‘Oracle Clare’. 

Abbey has a wide range of technical and customer relations experience and gained extensive knowledge over the past 8 years whilst working with established companies. This has helped Abbey become a key member of the team at Revive Management when joining 2 years ago. 

Cass Junior Developer, with experience in varied levels of technical support,  including NHS IT Support Contractor, in vaccine clinics, during lockdown.

Sales and Product Management
We call them our two Samantha’s..

We have our Product Manager Samantha Ellis-Hughes with many year in the tech industry. Sam is the go-to for all things Product related, everything from research, design, testing, and the future development of our platform. 

Sam Jones – Account Manager. With over 10 years experience in SaaS Account Management and Sales and a Degree in Computer Science to back this up – Sam is able to really understand business requirements and articulate complex technical solutions into what really matters to her clients business objectives.  

Our Digital designer Lilly is the newest woman at Revive, with her 8 years of experience in design she has helped Revive to re-brand, develop and build on their design collateral as well as designing the new Platform to have a beautiful UI and allow a create CX.  

This Day helps celebrates the huge efforts by women and girls around the world in shaping a more equal future. So we’re wishing everyone a Happy #InternationalWomansDay #BreakTheBias


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