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Leadership Lineup

Over the last ten years, our team has continued to grow.

Our experienced leadership team have worked to create an inclusive and innovative environment, where
individuals can grow and develop their careers.



Geoff Boudin, Director

For over 10 years, Geoff has worked tirelessly to
deliver innovative and bespoke digital solutions for enterprise businesses across the UK and Europe.

As a driving force behind the company vision,
Geoff’s dedicated to creating an inclusive and forward-looking environment allowing Revive to
build strong and enduring partnerships with clients.

Motivated by a passion to revolutionise customer communication and empower end-users to take control and to own their journey.

In his spare time, he spends his time skiing & playing golf.

Tom Pugh, Director

With over 15 years of experience in customer engagement solutions and technology, Tom’s passionate about delivering cutting-edge and agile technology for Revive’s clients.

Dedicated to building a strong and dynamic culture that allows individuals to thrive, learn and grow,
Tom champions an open and supportive workplace. With a deep understanding of the industry, latest technologies and his customer-centric thinking,
he propels Revive’s forward to continued growth.

In his spare time, Tom enjoys spending time
with his family, travelling and Formula 1.

Leigh Thompson

Chief Technology Officer

Leigh’s 15 year experience in software development
has allowed Revive to expand its product
portfolio and deliver continuous leading
technology for our clients.

From build to maintenance to management,
Leigh’s history of delivering sophisticated
enterprise-level cloud infrastructure allowed
Reviveto become a leader in the industry.

A powerful proponent for cloud-first approach on
AWS, using native services and latest innovative technologies, Leigh is a steadfast advocate for
Revive’s commitment to digital transformation.




Conchi Diaz

Chief Operations Officer

Bringing 30 years’ experience delivering software solutions, Conchi’s
strong leadership and enthusiasm has seen Revive’s Projects, Solutions &
Development teams to flourish.

Conchi’s knowledge and expertise includes QA, training, service desk
management, database design and development.

This allows
Revive todevelop new and cutting-edge
technology whilst empowering
individuals and teams to be agile.

Working in the UK for over 16 years, Conchi
understands the unique challenges facing
Revive clients, and lead the building of
robust customer contact solutions.



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