to Pay

A more flexible and secure way for consumers to manage their bills,
in partnership with Visa.

What Is

Request to Pay?

Visa’s new Request to Pay platform will offer consumers greater control, flexibility and simplicity around how they manage their bills by providing various options, including the ability to alter the payment dates, split bills with others, separate payments into smaller sums, forward bills to someone else or communicate directly with the biller.

Statistics which outline that 1 in 3 people say they sometimes struggle to pay household bills may seem shocking however this is the current landscape of the world we live in. The pandemic has only compounded customers stress, worry and resilience to being able to make their committed payments.

With 20% of all adults, some 14.2m people having low financial resilience this is impacting the companies who bill their customers, having effect on costs, efficiencies and negative PR.

Billing and Payments


Some of the challenges customers and biller face are:

  • Customers are often locked into contracts that are rigid
  • The monthly billing process itself where invoices are often sent through insecure channels and are prone to being intercepted by fraudsters.
  • Due dates and payment method options are very restrictive and are suited more for the biller’s convenience rather than the customer’s, giving customers very little flexibility.
  • Customers can be caught off-guard by any unexpected bill changes, causing all sorts of issues.

Request to Pay is a solution which overcomes these challenges, providing:

  • An easy and seamless way to make a payment
  • More flexible billing arrangements and flexibility over how and when they pay
  • A secure payment channel that’s less prone to fraud
  • An easier way for issues and queries to be resolved
  • A simple way to view and manage all their bills and billing history.


Discover a smarter way to

Billing & Payments

As an example, once a bill is received through Request to Pay, the customer then has the choice on if they want to pay, how they want to pay and when they want to pay. Overcoming the restrictiveness of legacy billing methods, providing the flexibility of which payment method to use for that payment and overall putting the customer in charge of their finances and payments.

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