Request to pay

A more flexible and secure way for consumers to manage their bills, in partnership with Visa.

Visa’s new Request to Pay platform will offer consumers greater control, flexibility and simplicity around how they manage their bills by providing various options, including the ability to alter the payment dates, split bills with others, separate payments into smaller sums, forward bills to someone else or communicate directly with the biller.

Request to Pay is a new way in which bills can be shared and settled between people, organisations and businesses in a flexible efficient way.

The messaging service complements existing payment infrastructures and gives billers – such as Utility and Telco companies the ability to request payment from customers for a bill via their bank account – rather than direct mailing or emailing a pdf of an invoice. Customers when receiving the ‘request’ can be presented the options to pay in full, pay in part, ask for more time, message the biller or decline to pay. Please note, a customer’s response does not change their legal obligations.

Revive Management’s participation in the pilot will see a number of its utility partners offering their customers the ability to make bill payments through Visa’s Request to Pay service from March 2022.

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