ReviveCollect Flex 

Empower customers, accelerate payments rates & boost customer satisfaction. With easy-to-use digital engagement ReviveCollect Flex provides a range of self-serve options, which allow your customers to gain more control of their bills and enriches customer experience.  

Through personalised customer journeys you will be able to support even your most vulnerable customers needs while ensuring you accelerate payment rates, reduce your debt book & drive down operating expenses. 


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The Rising Cost of Living

Consumers are coming under increasing financial pressure as the cost of living continues to rise. With 27 million people in the UK now showing signs of financial vulnerability, businesses need to be aware of how their customers are being impacted and prepared to manage rising operational costs, falling payment rates and a growing vulnerable customer base. 


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ReviveCollect Flex

enables you to:

• Provide flexible and secure payment methods, which gives your customers easier and faster ways to make payments.

• Simplify recovery of overdue bills with engaging and flexible self-serve solutions giving customer more control of their bills.​ 

• Provide an easy way for vulnerable customers to inform of any financial issues and offer clear options on how they can proceed.​ 

• Manage operating costs as our automated communication solutions enable customers to self-serve, reducing contact centre traffic volumes. 

• Improve customer satisfaction with fast and engaging communication channels. 

ReviveCollect Flex

 give consumers:

•  More control over their billing arrangements with flexible and secure payment methods. 

Enhanced user experience with simple and easy to use functionality. 

• A discrete and easy way to inform of any financial issues and which offers clear options on how they can proceed. 

A way to resolve payment issues quickly and easily without the need to speak to a person directly avoiding long waits to connect to contact centres. 

Revive solution users have seen:


of customers completing a unique action or making a payment


of customers adhering to their Promise To Pay agreement


Increase in cure within 7 day’s


Customer Journey Satisfaction

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