Accelerate payment rates & drive down OpEx costs. 

Designed to support finance teams, including Collections, Recoveries and Debt Reconciliations, ReviveCollect allows you to create personalised customer journeys, based on your unique needs.

From due date reminders to self-serve payment options, our sophisticated platform allows to you manage the whole payment cycle. Introduce early or pre-payment to your arrears processes and digital wallet functionality to give your customers greater choice.

Who is ReviveCollect for?

Designed to support your Billing, Payments, Collections and Customer Care teams, ReviveCollect allows your business to create personalised customer journeys based on your unique business needs.

By implementing automation into your payment journey, providing channel flexibility and merging your contact strategy into one central solution you can start reducing high operating costs and increase your collections performance. Customers can benefit from personalised options such as Request to Pay, Promise to Pay or Instalment plans – giving your customers greater choice.

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to Payments & Collections

With ReviveCollect, you can simplify recovery of overdue bills and enrich customer experience. Using easy-to-use digital engagement to provide a range of self-serve options, your customers will gain more control of their bills.

is a leading orchestration layer
designed to optimise customer resolutions throughout the collection life cycle

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Whether you’re an enterprise or startup, ReviveCollect payments using SMS, Email, Voice, Website, Whatsapp, chat to your collections needs across all types of consumer debt.

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